Setup of Developer Workstation (.net)

I recently updated my laptop configuration and did some spring cleaning.  It was time to re-install the tools and get the machine ready.  I do most of my development in Virtual Machines (virtualbox) but I typically have Visual Studio on my local machine for ease of use. 

I realized that there are a lot of coponents you have to instll to get VS to work the way you like.  I remembered from a tech-ed conference last year that Scott Hanselman mentioned they were trying to make that process easier.   He referenced the INSTALL EVERYTHING button on  So I decided to give that process a try.   It was missing a few things, like the full version of VS2010 ultimate and other items, but I will walk you through my process.

NOTE:  these steps all start after a fresh Win7 x64 install with patches.

1.  Go to and click the Install Now button.  This will install a lot of the base elements.  This will take a bit.

2. Install VS2010 (what every your version is) I have Ultimate.  Since SQL express R2 was installed by the above installer the VS2010 package did not try to install it.

3. I then add the following from the web platform installer:


  • SQL 2008 R2 Express Management tools
  • IIS recommended configuration
  • IIS URL Redirect
  • ASP.NET MVC 3 (VS2010)
  • Windows Phone SDK 7.1
  • PHP 5.3
  • mysql

4. Last item is svn :

When done I have a pretty solid developer box ready with all the base tools.  The next step will be to add onto this list (nuget).   Most of the add-on’s are from Hanselmans Ultimate list and are too many to count.  But for a base developer setup this gets me working fast.

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