Month: May 2012

iPhone App Development Story

This is a great article on what works when developing a mobile app.  The team from Pocket Lists This is a great story of how to make money on an app. (see this clip of the article) Category: Productivity (to-do & checklist app) Price: initially priced at $4.99, then settled to $1.99 Developed in: 10 months from scratch to version …

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Grand Rapids–Facebook city

A Mashable article states a list of social savvy cities.  They list many large cities.  grand Rapids is not one of them.  However, they do mention that Grand Rapids has a high percentage of small businesses with face book pages (29%) Read the article here –

Developer Laptop

Dell has just launched a developer focused laptop.  The cool thing about this version is that it runs Ubuntu (linux) and is on a 13 inch laptop.    (check out the hardware here)  The article that I found regarding this was focused on the Sputnik project.   I think this is a great start.  I’m a fan of small portable computing and the …

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When is it illegal to listen. Mapping wifi?

When did listening become illegal?  After reading this article I got to thinking more about how the concept of wireless is flawed. As a technology it uses public airwaves to send data.  This concept works great when the data is suppose to be freely available.  The success of this can be seen with radio and TV.    People are able to …

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