Cheaper bandwidth–(not the last mile)

I was reading an article on gigaom regarding how bandwidth is getting cheaper.

The article was not about our home or business bandwidth but rather IP transit costs.  The cost to move data from one location to another (overseas).   The reference the value from a business perspective, if that business buys a lot of bandwidth.   Companies like netflix, google, etc…

Ultimate this should mean that it costs less for those companies to send data.  This does not mean that they will change their monthly cost of fees.  However some of their costs are now less.   It is interesting to compare milk or gas where the price fluctuates to something like netflix where we pay a monthly fee.  I can’t image if bandwidth were to drop to free that my monthly fee would decrease like gas or milk when the prices are down.

I wish there was some info on why this decrease is happening. Usage?

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