How to crack a combination bike lock

I commute to work frequently on my Raleigh i8.  A while back someone asked me what kind of lock do I use.  I did not have a response, I had not been using one.  Last year when I started commuting I would ride to offsite meetings and other events and park my old mountain bike anywhere.  I did not have a care, the bike was worth nothing and looked even worse.

However, now I have upgraded and should probably take care to secure the investment.  I had an old kryptonite bike lock that was very heavy and bulky.  I opted not to use that but rather just buy a cheap lock.  I happened to be near a store and picked up a wordlock (  My intent was to just secure the bike.

A normal combination lock can be defeated without any tools in 30 seconds.  I have not tried it with my lock, but I am guessing it will work.

However, after reading a bit more about bike security and how easy it is to defeat locks, I am going to do some more research on what to purchase.  They even recommend a second lock.  That way you have two defenses.

It would be great to not have to use a  lock.  I realize it is worth it to secure both my investment and my ride home.c

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