Magento Debug and Modifications

I have been using Magento more frequently. One of the great benefits of this system is the ablity to customize the application and change it’s behavior. One of the downsides is because of the ability to customize the overall folder structure can be a bit challenging if you are not familiar with it. The structure is well laid out but is very deep in folders. An example is the location of the price file. Intially I found the old price file located under view, but then discovered the correct one.


A great tool inside Magento to help debug and troubleshoot where files are located is called the “Template Path Hints” setting in the admin.

Log into the Admin and go to System | Configuration

Then select your Default Store View (if you don’t you will add this debug to your admin section- it makes it hard to navigate)

Once in your default store select the Advanced area on the left | Developer | Debug area
Change the “Template Path Hints” to Yes.

I have created a video of this process. You can watch it on

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