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January 2013

Changing the WordPress folder

Number of Views : 2627Recently moved WordPress from a sub-folder called “/blog” to the root of the site. Jimiz was recently set as and it is now I have been thinking of doing this for a year or so, just did not want to take the effort to …

Disable Java – Homeland Security

Number of Views : 4123I was reading my Flipboard feed and noticed an article saying to disable Java based on some zero-day exploit. This article on the The Verge The Verge mentioned that the homeland security team decided to encourage people to disable Java. That is an amazing thing to …

Fantastic Design and Invention

Number of Views : 4020I stumbled upon this post and was just amazed. Some people just have great design skill, others have great vision, I think Hartmut Esslinger has both. Check out the “Snow White 3” from 1984.