Google using your name and picture in ads – How to Opt Out

Google Endorsements

Google has recently made a policy change.  You may have seen a notification in your gmail or Plus page.  I basically just clicked on the “x” or said OK with out thinking about it.  I am sure many other prople are like me and don’t take much time to read any policy changes.  However, recently many news sites started to discuss the changes and some ad features that will come in the future.  Google Endorsements, will use your username and pic in ads.  I’m not against the idea of endorsing products or ratings, but I don’t like my picture being shown (kind of creepy)

Google Endorsements
Google Endorsements

How to Opt Out

There is a simple way to allow you to Opt Out of having your Username or Photo shared in ads.  You just need to go to this URL:

Un-check  the box at the bottom of the page. This will keep google from sharing your name and photo in endorsements.

google_optoutThis makes me think of all the privacy polices that I don’t read and just accept, what other sites have I allowed to use my information?


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