What are you reading?

esI read a few blogs but recently have been so busy at work have not really kept up with any technical blogs or news.

I find that HackerNews keeps me up-to-date as much as possible.   If you don’t subscribe to the newsletter I would recommend it – go here to signup for hacker news

If I don’t want to wait for Kale to send his update I view it on my phone using the site http://hn.premii.com/ it is probably the best interface I have seen.

Today in the newsletter came a great article on Edward Snowden.  It was a good read and worth sharing.


Not only was the article a good read, it was also beautiful.  Not sure that I like the scrolling down page, but the layout and interaction was pleasing to me.  It is amazing that I am content with a black and white page with text to read, but also  enjoy pictures and interaction similar to what Wired did with this article.

Hope to post more frequently and maybe with a more creative view.  Thank you Wired and Hacker News for providing me with information and news.

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