Replace Windows Media Center – Kodi – Sad Day

Replace Windows Media Center with Kodi

I have finally replaced my windows media center system with Kodi. I have posted in the past about windows media center and how I use it for a DVR and Live TV. I finally had to say goodbye to that setup, it was time. Windows 8 kept prompting me to upgrade, the system kept having issues and mostly I’m ready to cut the cord.

Setup for Live TV and Kodi

To make my system work I have re-used all the existing hardware. Here is the cut list below:

The above items were already working with Windows Media Center. I even tried the Windows 10 (Windows Media Center – setup) However it did not seem to work.

Overall this setup is working well. Things to take note of. My kids really like the plex interface and are learning to get used to Kodi. The Kodi world of add-ons and “best add-ons” is a little of a grey area. There are a lot of somewhat illegal sites and areas to get content. I still use a mix of Cable (cable card) and antenna – almost cord cutting.

I had to do some editing to get my Theme and Add-On to launch to live tv. I also use the Plex DVR to record tv, then every night MCEbuddy removes the commercials. That will be another post.

Over all it this has a rating of 8 out of 10 for me. I’ll keep tweaking and working on it. Things I miss: Greenbutton site, windows media center community, and things that just work :).

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