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Blog posts and ramblings to chronicle my adventures in life. This may contain technology, family, business or products that I enjoy.


Hi, I’m Jim. A father, husband, business owner, entrepreneur, and a person who loves technology. I semi-often update this blog.


Feel free to reach out to me with questions, contact, business ideas, projects or just a random Hello. Located in the Mitten state.

Recent Posts

Bolt CMS – Great Simple CMS engine – Review

Bolt CMS Discovery I recently had a need to setup a site with a content management system. In the past I would just use WordPress. However, recently it seems that WordPress has become more overhead than needed. Don’t get me wrong I love WordPress, and all the features it provides…

Dynamic DNS – Dyndns alternatives

Dynamic DNS for Custom Domains I have been using dynamic dns for many years.  My preferred provider was always dyndns.org.  In early 2014 Dyndns (or Dyn.com) stopped offering a free Dynamic Dns solution.  You can read about their decision to stop providing this service (here).  NOTE:  I don’t disagree with…

Magento Patch – SUPEE-5994 – PEAR Error


There have been a series of Security issues recently.   The major systems that power the web Magento and WordPress have had critical vulnerabilities (wordpress) (magento).  I won’t go into the details of both, but the important part is that you need to patch your systems. In particular Magento had…

Wifi in Car – No More DVD’s – Spring Break Tech

I love technology and I love my family. However these two have collided and we have had some challenges. One of those challenges relates to cords; yes I mean power cords.   Some years ago I purchased a few portable DVD players.  These great little items allowed my children to watch…

Lenovo ix2-dl NAS – Home Backup

Home Backup History Every year I spend the holidays making sure that our home computers and items are backed up.  I have a mixture of systems and media that need to be backed up.   For the past few years I have used a combination of external drives and computers to…

iPfire vs PFsense – Firewall Review

I have posted in the past about all the great things you can do with DDWRT or with PFsense.   After a few years with PFsense I have changed to iPfire.  If you have not heard of iPfire I would suggest reading about this awesome firewall platform.  The main focus of iPfire…

iPfire – ClamAV and Customization

I have been very happy with my current Firewall setup of iPfire (ipfire.org).  The system has done a great job of performance and security.  I use many features from Squid, Snort, openVpn, and others.  I even tried the TOR proxy routing. This weekend with lots of family over for Thanks…