Python 3 on MacOS


Python 3 on MacOS

I recently had the need to create a small python script to run a process.  I quickly looked up a process I could utilize to read a Rest API then do some work based on that content.

I fired up Visual Studio code and wrote out the framework of the program I needed in about 10 min.  (NOTE: I have not used Python in a long time and it was fun to quickly put something together).

Once I was done writing the code I jumped into a term terminal and ran the program “python”.  It worked well – opened a file of records added to an array and displayed the line items and did a count.

I then added some code that referenced how to call an API and it used the “requests”, knowing I needed to run “pip install requests” before I ran the program, I was rewarded with an error.

 zsh: command not found: pip

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How to find your Wifi Password on a Mac

"wifi" by miniyo73 is licensed with CC BY-SA 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit

I recently had an issue where I wanted to re-broadcast a wifi network using my own router.  This allowed me to use an existing wifi network that I had a password for a few years ago and my MAC remembered it automatically.    The location I was at – my remote office did not have a great connection to the wifi …

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NFT Craziness – What is an NFT


The Crypto world has changed a lot in the last few years. One new and upcoming topic is NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens). In the last few weeks, we have seen a significant increase in the volume of NFT purchases.  If you follow cryptocurrency you have probably heard about NFT’s in the news.  I’d like to take a few minutes to share some …

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Working from Home Suggestions – Comfort


I started my journey working from home about a year ago.  Our company has been 100% remote for the last 4 years, and the team has built up a great process to be able to efficiently working from home.   During this COVID-19 Pandemic, I have read a lot of really good Work From Home (WFH) articles.   This quick post will be …

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Opera Browser – Daily Driver for 3 years

Jimiz Opera Browser

I just realized I have been using Opera as my main browser for over 3 years.  Somehow in 2017, I decided that I should give Opera a try.  If you are not familiar with Opera, it is a browser similar to chrome or firefox. In fact, Opera is built on chromium the underlying components of the chrome browser.  Opera is by …

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Amazfit Bip S

Amazafit Bip S

I have been extremely happy with my Xiaomi Amazfit Bip smartwatch.   It has been over 2 years since I discovered and purchased this inexpensive smartwatch.    The key item that caused me to purchase this watch was the 30-day battery.   However, I have determined that what I love the most is the alarm.  Because I wear the watch to sleep, the …

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Xfinity Injecting a Message in my browser


I recently received this message in my browser while opening a web page I designed for a friends company. I have received this message before while going to other sites, and just refreshed the browser and continued, not thinking anything of it. “There is an issue with your connection – We had an issue while attempting to notify you about your …

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Blog Update

2020 Blog Refresh It is a new year and my blog needed some updates.  Not just small updates but some real technology love.    The theme was not complliant with the new version of WordPress, I had 4 plugins that were throwing exceptions (filling the log), 2 plugins that were no longer supported, the SSL for the site was no-longer working, …

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Amazfit Bip Review

Amazfit Bip Review (used in real life) Earlier this year I purchased a Xiaomi MiBand 2 for myself and my wife. I had been looking for a fitnesss watch and someone at work showed me their miBand. If you have never heard of this device you are not alone. Xiaomi is great smart phone maker out of China. They have also …

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Replace Windows Media Center – Kodi – Sad Day

Kodi Live TV

Replace Windows Media Center with Kodi I have finally replaced my windows media center system with Kodi. I have posted in the past about windows media center and how I use it for a DVR and Live TV. I finally had to say goodbye to that setup, it was time. Windows 8 kept prompting me to upgrade, the system kept having …

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IIS Server Headers – Clickjacking – X-Frame-Options

Configure IIS to use – X-Frame-Options I recently had a request to update a server to correct a few audit findings.  One finding was related to “clickjacking” (More info from Wikipedia and OWASP) Clickjacking is a process where a malicious link is injected on the page that takes you to what you would think is a normal page but is hijacking …

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PPtP VPN macOS Sierra – Gone Missing

My title may be a little misleading. After updating my Mac to the new macOS Sierra I realized that my favorite security tool pptp vpn was removed. You can read about it here on apple’s support site – I realize that the pptp vpn protocol has been called out with limited security and is often pointed as not being …

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Bolt CMS – Great Simple CMS engine – Review

Bolt CMS Discovery I recently had a need to setup a site with a content management system. In the past I would just use WordPress. However, recently it seems that WordPress has become more overhead than needed. Don’t get me wrong I love WordPress, and all the features it provides like woocommerce, SEO, and every other plugin. In this particular case …

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Magento Patch 7405 – Broken Image and Image Upload


Magento Images Broken after Upload I recently updated a few sites using Magento with the new security patch 7405 (note that link is for the patch info – not a download – more on that later). After the update any images uploaded or added resulted in a broken image link. I was able to troubleshoot and while looking on the server, …

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Dynamic DNS – Dyndns alternatives

Dynamic DNS for Custom Domains I have been using dynamic dns for many years.  My preferred provider was always  In early 2014 Dyndns (or stopped offering a free Dynamic Dns solution.  You can read about their decision to stop providing this service (here).  NOTE:  I don’t disagree with their decision, at one point I even used Dyndns as a …

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