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Blog posts and ramblings to chronicle my adventures in life. This may contain technology, family, business or products that I enjoy.


Hi, I’m Jim. A father, husband, business owner, entrepreneur, and a person who loves technology. I semi-often update this blog.


Feel free to reach out to me with questions, contact, business ideas, projects or just a random Hello. Located in the Mitten state.

Recent Posts

Install phonegap 3 on Windows 8

PhoneGap 3 I recently wanted to test an idea on an android device.  To quickly write up a proof of concept I decided to use PhoneGap.  I have used PhoneGap in the past but the current Version 3.1 (at the time of writing) is more mature than when I previously…

Zentyal vs Pfsense Firewall Review

I have posted a few times about my home network and in particular all the great things you can do with DDWRT or with PFsense.   I recently had my home PFsense firewall have some issues, mainly to a hard drive failure.  When I was replacing it, I decided to…

WordPress and CDN

Jimiz CloudFlare

High Traffic WordPress Sites A few websites that I maintain get a large volume of traffic.  They are using WordPress as a content management system.  To accommodate this traffic I have been utilizing a combination of a great service CDN and a caching plugin.    A “CDN” is a Content…

Magento 1.8 has been released


Magento 1.8 I am a huge fan of Magento.  It is a great ecommerce and shopping cart system.   In the last year I have launched a few sites using this system.   The flexibility of Magento allowed me to create a B2B site and also B2C.    eBay purchased…

Fun Computer Tricks (Possible Inappropriate tricks)

I read a great blog by Troy Hunt frequently.  He is an architect and MVP over at Microsoft, he typically talks about security.   He recently sent out a quick tweet regarding locking your computer.  After the tweet regarding what to do when someone does not lock their screen. http://www.troyhunt.com/2013/10/40-inappropriate-actions-to-take.html…

Favicon–What / Why / and How

If you do not know what a favicon is , it would be hard to explain with out a picture.  The Favicon is the little icon that shows up in your browsers tab for a website. In this picture the favicon is highlighted, it happens to be my site’s icon. …

Mobile Screenshots for presentations

I often have to do presentations or showcase a site or an application.   I find taking pictures or showcasing the application can help many people get a sense of what I am talking about.  I recently discovered a great tool to take a screenshot of your app or website using…

Web Developer Checklist

I was reading some of my news feeds and came across this great site called http://webdevchecklist.com/.   It is a creation of Sayed Ibrahim Hashimi and Mads Kristensen.   I often publish a site and run through a few tests.   Some I do religiously, but others I often forget.   The list…