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Blog posts and ramblings to chronicle my adventures in life. This may contain technology, family, business or products that I enjoy.


Hi, I’m Jim. A father, husband, business owner, entrepreneur, and a person who loves technology. I semi-often update this blog.


Feel free to reach out to me with questions, contact, business ideas, projects or just a random Hello. Located in the Mitten state.

Recent Posts

Active X Coding and security

Here is a great article of a programmer (Brian Hook) who was testing Active X and how secure it is. I have to agree, I created an active X object a while back and found that there were some inconsistencies from what I thought it would do vs what it…

Speeding up my broadband

Today at News.com.com and Slashdot, I read that Comcast is raising the broadband speed. From 3mbps to 4mbps. This is great news. As I start to do more with VOIP, and streaming media this will make things much easier to use. Read here http://news.com.com Slashdot – http://slashdot.org/article.pl


I have been finishing up on my install of mythtv. If you are not familure witht his you should read up here www.mythtv.org. Myth Tv is a Tivo like os and system that is free. I have build an earlier version and had not used it for a while, due…

What a Week

What a week, it was one crazy week. I have been doing a lot with IIS Reporter and plan on making a refined version. The current version does not have a remote server monitor, I do have a version that does allow for remote monitoring but have not implemented it…

Google Mini

Today google launched their google mini search appliance. I am interested in getting ahold of one of these. The price of their current appliance is $32,000 a bit out of most companies price range. But the Mini is set at $5,000. That is very competitive with most software based products….

IIStoolshed.com link for IIS reporter

I received an email today showing that IIStoolshed.com has just added IIS Reporter as one of their downloadable tools. That is great news. I often browse and try different applications that are listed on iistoolshed.com. It is a great site and has lots of info for Microsoft’s IIS web server….

IIS Reporter update

I made some updates to IIS Reporter today. 1. Removed bug with connections label 2. Took out about author area 3. Removed config files ( I decided that this should be a stand alone .exe file) I am also making the finishing touches on my IIS Reporter web app and…

Microsoft SpyWare Removal Tool

Here is a link to the new Microsoft Anti-Spyware Tool. So far it is currently in the beta stage. I have found that this is a fantastic tool. It has been more powerful than both Ad-Aware and Spybot Search and Replace http://www.microsoft.com/athome/security/spyware/software/default.mspx