Month: April 2005

Content Spamming

Sorry to all, if you have been trying to add posts / comments to this site. I have had such an issue with content spammers, that I installed a captcha program for wordpress. Captcha is an acronym for “completely automated public Turing test to tell computers and humans apart”. It is that graphic you see on sites like Ticketmaster or below …

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Cell Phone Towers

I was driving from Holland, MI to Grand Rapids, MI yesterday and started realizing the number of towers along the highway. For some reason I started to count the number I saw from I196. Heading East twards grand rapids, I counted 17 towers. Of the 17 I think that at least 15 were cell phone towers. This got me thinking of …

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Gmail Mobile

I have been a huge gmail fan since I got my first account. Now that gmail is up to 2 gigs of space how can you resist. I have been thinking of ways to utilize my gmail account other than an aggregator for thoughts, files, and other email accounts. I finally decided to try and use the system for email relaying. …

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Touching the Void

I am currently reading Touching the Void A great Book about 2 climbers facing danger and the great outdoors. It is Joe Simpson’s account of a near-death experience in the Peruvian Andes. I will update you on the status of this book later on.

Public Transportation

Follow up entry on my experience on riding public transportation. On my second day riding the bus I was up to speed on how to figure out the schedule, pay and get a ticket, how to inform the driver I want to get off, and where to sit. Even with all this knowledge the second day was still very interesting. I …

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Riding the Bus

Last week I had some service done to my car. I decided it was time to take on the task of riding the bus (City bus). I knew that my car would not be available for 3 days so that ment I had three days to ride the bus. So on Sunday night I googled for the Grand Rapids, michigan bussing …

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I love to see people using technology. I recently read an article in the New York Press about podcasting. I love the fact that the press would actually acknoledge some new type of media such as pod casting to it’s readers. I have also had a lot of discussion at work regarding RSS and Blogs (web logs for those who are …

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New Blog to Read

One of the developers I work with has just launched his new blog. You can read it here ( Joe is a Macromedia developer who can write wicked code for Flex, flash, and other macromedia products. I noticed his blog had the same issue with FireFox. The style sheets (css) will need to have the rendering code added, < ? Header ...

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