Month: April 2006

Yahoo Mail Beta

I have had a yahoo email account for as long as I can remember.  I think it was around 95 or so when I first got my account.  I got it because our college email system would not work outside of the classroom.  So I figured a web based email would be best, and I think yahoo was the first that …

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DSL vs Comcast

After verifying that my DSL connection was worth the savings of $27.01 per month, I decided to call comcast and cancel my cable modem.  Here is a recount of my call.  First, after all my years using comcast this was the fastest I ever got a person on the line (when I am canceling).  I finally get a guy on the …

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Getting Things Done – Currently Reading

I’m currently reading the book “Getting Things Done”. I have not posted much so I figure I can just update on what is going on.

Ideal notebook

I have been thinking more about what would be the perfect laptop.  The current model I have (Dell Latitude D800) is very under par.  Not only is it too big and bulky, it is very inefficient to use.  I started to think of what would make the perfect development / work laptop.  One that can be used for business and travel, …

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SQL 2005

I have been working a lot with SQL 2005 recently.  I have to say that it is a fantastic upgrade from 2000.  However, there are a lot of areas of improvement.  Some of which are related to management and updates.  Overall, it is a great upgrade.  the tools are good, the reporting is awesome, the management is very gui and easy …

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