Month: November 2007

Kinetic IG

Currently I am working at NuSoftsolutions and we are now building out a new practice called Kinetic IG (site coming soon). This practice is going to be focused on web presence and interactive applications. The main components will be graphic design, software development, and marketing fundamentals around web applications.

What OS do you run

For years you had a only one option for an OS on your computer, Windows. Well there have been some exceptions over the years (Unix, OS2, vax, etc..) but for your typical user it was just Windows. Machines ordered (dell, hp, etc…) all came with windows. This has changed in the last 3-4 years, people are starting to realize that there …

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National Treasure –

I just watched national treasure again and realized how much I liked that movie – read about it on spout (National Treasure). While watching the film they were promoting the new National Treasure 2 (National treasure – Book of Secrets) I am actually excited to see this movie.

Input Devices

Since I have been using my Thinkpad more frequently at home for coding and any work while at home. I realized how much I love the Thinkpad trackpoint (red dot – eraser thing). What a great layout, I am much more efficient with that then the Dell version (Latitude D820). To make switching easier I went out and purchased a new …

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IISreporter on

It’s always great to see your software on other sites. Here is a link to download iisreporter from At one time it was a featured download

Live CD

I keep thinking of all the live CD’s I’ve used I like the Bart PE version the best. It is a familure windows view, runs all the windows tools (ad aware, search bot destroy, filerestore, perm delete). I just can’t figure out why the other Live CD’s I’ve tried did not work as well. I know all the linux tools, I’ve …

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WordPress upgrade

I just was informed that my commenting system was not working correctly.   I updated wordpress last night and will fix the issue today or tomorrow. 

Tools I use online

Every day you hear of people using online tools, word processing, lists, etc… Well I figure I should share what I use.  My favorite items. 1. Tadalist – – I keep my daily todo up there to reference any where I am.  They give you a direct link 2. Google Docs – – I am not saying that this …

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Windows Home server

Don’t think I’m going to purchase this one.  I’m not sure why someone would need another server in their home.  I like the idea but I think they are missing some features.  Why couldn’t I just use linux?  Or my old XP system to do the same thing.