Month: March 2008

Password strength

I was asked by a client on how to tell if someone’s password was strong enough. I was not sure on the need, and at first I was looking to either build or find a webservice that would test strength. After hearing the need over the phone we were able to use some already build applications (web sites) to do what …

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New Company – NuSoft Acquired

As of Wednesday the company I work for NuSoft Solutions ( has been acquired by RCM Technologies ( a publicly traded company. The role I have been in as Principal consultant for our Kinetic IG initiative will still continue. Being part of the RCM family will increase our ability to scale and obtain growth. Press Release

Vista 64bit

So far my dell d830 running Vista 64 is doing really good. I have found that it eats the battery faster than before and that there are a few more issues with some programs. I have found that my favorite image capture program (cropper) does not work. the performance increase and reliability are worth it.

New Laptop (kinda)

I finally got a new laptop from work to replace my dead D820. I now have a refurbished d830. So far I am very happy. It has the same case, look, and screen as the last one. However, this box has 64bit Vista running on it. I am excited to be using 64. I have only noticed a few things that …

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Web tools

One of my favorite tools on the web ( recently made a site change. They took their free tools and lookups and moved them to a different area. They also added a subscription model and want to make some money. I am not against the change, in fact I am excited that they could make some money off their great tools. …

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