Month: July 2008

Stealing Music

I do like Kid Rock. He recently made a PSA (Public Service Announcement) regarding stealing music. Rolling Stone – PSA I read a post somewhere that people took this as a real item and that he was encouraging stealing. I think his concept was great. If you steal music, why not gas, or cars. I wonder how many people this will …

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Gmail vs Exchange

I have always been interested in using different email systems. Once google apps came out I realized the value in a system where email / calendar / and contacts can be accessed by the small companies. Here is a great comparison. Google Apps vs Exchange :

Burn an ISO

I typically work with ISO files rather than keeping CD’s or DVD’s. If I need to mount the files I use Deamon tools, but if I need to quickly burn these to DVD or CD’s I use The ISO recorder powertoy.

SharePoint and SSL

There are some times where I just wonder why SharePoint is so popular. I had an instance where a client would like to have the login page secured. This would require the login page (forms based authentication) to have an ssl certificate. Since I had setup sharepoint to use SSL in the past I did not think of this being an …

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Open Source (applications)

I love it when a great new application comes along and is open source. The guys from DimDim, have created a Webex and Livemeeting like application that is open source. I was using, but will give this a try. In my initial trials it has worked well. You can share your desktop with a remote person. Upload documents (PPT …

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