Month: January 2009

What Sites Do you visit?

I realized after a discussion at work today that I don’t view news and information sites in a browser that often. I find that I use an RSS reader more than actually going to the sites. I did not think about this too much until a co-worker was discussing Twitter as a service does not get that much direct traffic (people …

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Great new Twitter app

I was directed to this program by one of my co-workers OutTwit: a way to monitor and post to twitter through outlook Great application, you can check twitter when you want and then respond. It stores the tweets in a folder.

Ring Tones

I am not a big fan of ring tones.  My cell phone is normally the old fashion ring of the 50’s and on vibrate.  I was reading some blogs this morning and came across this url and gave it a try.  I’m not sure I’ll use the ring tone I made but, it was fun and would be a better …

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Beta testing (Microsoft)

I think that microsoft is finally doing something right with their Beta system. Even though there were issues the Windows 7 Beta seems to be a success. People who wanted to test it could download and install (maybe not the first 2 days due to capacity of the servers) . I am currently in the Azure beta (limited beta) and that …

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Windows 7 – Migration

I finally made the full migration over to windows 7.  It is fast and uses less memory than Vista.   I now am running it on my primary machine.  I was on Vista x64 and I have found Windows 7 x64 to be more responsive. To make the migration work I used a drive image software and a spare hard drive.  I …

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Windows 7 vs MAC

I rarely post on things such as MAC vs PC vs Linux. This is because I’m kind of in the middle. As far as I am concerned, they are just an OS. I use Linux at home (typing this out on Ubuntu) and Windows at work. When I read this article I had to include it for reference. In this case …

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Tax time

It is tax time again. I love doing taxes and I don’t know why. My favorite store is closing so I picked up my copy of taxcut on sale and got 10% going out of business discount. I still like taxcut instead of turbo tax

New worm (Windows)

I found this interesting. A new worm is spreading on a non fixed Microsoft security issue.

Why JailBreak

Since I have an Iphone and I have loaded JailBreak. Here is a good little article on why to do it. My reason was simple. I wanted the Modem application (to use my iphone as a modem)

WordPress upgrade

I finally got around to upgrading my blog last night. Please ignore any left over things that have to be fixed. WordPress 2.7 is now in place.