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January 2009

What Sites Do you visit?

Number of Views : 4509I realized after a discussion at work today that I don’t view news and information sites in a browser that often. I find that I use an RSS reader more than actually going to the sites. I did not think about this too much until a …

IIS 7 – Web application installer

Number of Views : 4986I love the new version of IIS. One of the great elements of Server 2008 is that it has IIS7 installed. A great aspect of the new IIS is that you can now run very common applications (wordpress, and photo gallery) on Windows. These applications are …

Great new Twitter app

Number of Views : 2891I was directed to this program by one of my co-workers OutTwit: a way to monitor and post to twitter through outlook Great application, you can check twitter when you want and then respond. It stores the tweets in a folder.

Ring Tones

Number of Views : 8509I am not a big fan of ring tones.  My cell phone is normally the old fashion ring of the 50’s and on vibrate.  I was reading some blogs this morning and came across this url and gave it a try.  I’m not sure I’ll …

Beta testing (Microsoft)

Number of Views : 4458I think that microsoft is finally doing something right with their Beta system. Even though there were issues the Windows 7 Beta seems to be a success. People who wanted to test it could download and install (maybe not the first 2 days due to capacity …

Windows 7 – Migration

Number of Views : 3665I finally made the full migration over to windows 7.  It is fast and uses less memory than Vista.   I now am running it on my primary machine.  I was on Vista x64 and I have found Windows 7 x64 to be more responsive. To make …

Windows 7 vs MAC

Number of Views : 4373I rarely post on things such as MAC vs PC vs Linux. This is because I’m kind of in the middle. As far as I am concerned, they are just an OS. I use Linux at home (typing this out on Ubuntu) and Windows at work. …

Iphone – copy and paste

Number of Views : 4303I just saw today that there is an app that you can get to allow for Copy and Paste. It appears that it does not work in Safari. I can live with that. The ability to copy and paste is huge. One example is for a …

Tax time

Number of Views : 3107It is tax time again. I love doing taxes and I don’t know why. My favorite store is closing so I picked up my copy of taxcut on sale and got 10% going out of business discount. I still like taxcut instead of turbo tax

New worm (Windows)

Number of Views : 4028I found this interesting. A new worm is spreading on a non fixed Microsoft security issue.

Would you use a NetBook

Number of Views : 4953I have been thinking of getting a NetBook for a while. I have many reasons to get one, most of all is the portable size of the unit. It will also make it easier for me to not break out “my work” as my wife calls …

Why JailBreak

Number of Views : 2929Since I have an Iphone and I have loaded JailBreak. Here is a good little article on why to do it. My reason was simple. I wanted the Modem application (to use my iphone as a modem)

WordPress upgrade

Number of Views : 6060I finally got around to upgrading my blog last night. Please ignore any left over things that have to be fixed. WordPress 2.7 is now in place.

Top Windows Freeware (tools)

Number of Views : 3188I love lists of free software. I came to this one from reading an article about Windows 7. This is a good list of items: