Month: February 2009

Online help / Chat

There are a lot of online chat / helpdesk programs out there that allow companies to offer live help on their site. In most cases they cost a pretty penny. I have used LivePerson in the past, a great program. It is a bit expensive but very useful. If you are looking for something on the cheap and use IM here …

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Oomph Examples

I have been working with the oomph tool kit and see how this can be a valuable tool.  It can work well for corporate sites and areas where people need to share contact and events.   It really does make the process of posting an event easy and allowing for a great way for people to add these events to their calendars …

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Oomph – Events

Another feature of the Oomph toolkit is the ability to use events and have them be available as ics files (or calendar entries) I am adding an event I plan on attending “Tech Trends with Keith Brophy” in the grand rapids area.  If you look in the Microformat (upper left of the site).  and hit the little Icon   you can …

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My Contact Information – oomph – hcard

I have been testing out the oomph toolkit.  You can read more about this at the Mix09 web site  It is a micro format viewer for web applications.   I have inserted my hcard (contact information) into this page.  Note the little icon in the upper left. Jim Becher Tilde32 [email protected] Grand Rapids, MI 49534 United States 616.828.0327

contacts, contacts, contacts

Google announced sync. I like this move, the ability to sync info into the cloud. Those of us who have used Exchange for a while have had the great feature to have instant sync from a server to your device. (sync) Now people with out an exchange server can now use google to do this for you.

New Project (DIY)

I’m starting a new project to store my DVD’s Wii games and stuff in my basement and wanted to try something new. After a little looking I found an article on that had a pretty good idea for me. So I’m looking for some large old school Hi-Fi speakers to take ownership of. Anyone in the GR area have something …

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Tools of the trade

Since I finally got a new phone (iPhone) my old blue tooth head-set a jabra BT250 (Info) did not seem to have that great of quality with the phone. I’m not sure if it was because it is 5 years old or that technology has changed. The BT250, as ugly as it is, treated me very well. I used it in …

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