Month: March 2009

Google Sync

I installed google sync today (Google Sync) I had been using Exchange for all my Mail, Contacts, and Calendars. So far it is working well. I was worried that I would lose all my contacts. I only had to back them up and move them to google contacts. Now to see if life is easier with out Outlook?

Skype for the iPhone

Over on I saw a rumor that Skype may be coming to the iphone. What a great day that would be. I love skype for the ease of use and how it can be used for forwarding phones. I use skype out when I am at my families cottage. The cell phone coverage at “the cottage” is pretty horrible. My …

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Shipping Container Data Center

This may be one of the coolest things I have seen in a while. The web site internet archives see the link and look at your site. (Wayback machine) – The archive has 3 petabytes of data. It is housed in a Mobile Data center (Mobile data center) – They can scale by adding more containers. Each container is …

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Netbook and the Cloud

I finally broke down and purchased a netbook. I ordered the MSI Wind. I found a killer deal on Amazon and could not pass it up. I have followed the Wind for quite a while and have been amazed at how it has held up as one of the leading netbooks for over a year. I was really hoping to get …

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Online Website Tools (ads)

I typically use google webmaster tools to manage my sites. This includes things like search submission, keywords, and robots.txt. I recently got a partner email from Microsoft (the company I work for is a MS partner) and in that message was a link to Microsoft’s Tools Ad Labs. I did not know these even existed. I started playing with the location …

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Home Office (media work space)

Check out this setup. Two roommates pooled resources and setup their home office and media room. (Photo tour) I would love to have some money and time to build out a great media center and home office.

Great Videos

I’m not a huge YouTube fan. I hate getting emails with links to youtube. However, I got a recommendation to listen to this video and I had to share. It is a version of Bob Marley’s “One Love” song. Which is one of my favorite tunes. It was created by Playing For Change. (One Love) – Also, a rendition of …

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Home office

If you are looking for some ideas on how to do a home office right (or setup your desk) here is a great site for ideas (Deskography)

Failure – it’s not that bad

Great article on about failure. It shows that failure is not just a status you can place on things. In the case of the article, skills and knowledge was learned that will allow the author to succeed in the future