Month: July 2009

A great way to upgrade

Since my hard drive was failing on my laptop I purchased a new drive. To migrate from the failing drive to a new drive was very easy with Macrium Reflect This is not an ad for them, but the software works great. You just run the image creation while in Windows, save the image to a USB drive or the network. …

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Drives and more Drives

My laptop hard drive decided to start acting up yesterday. Before it formally crashed (I’m not counting the 6 times where it just clicked and stopped working) I decided to make an image of it. After I validated the image I went out and purchased a new internal SATA laptop drive. My new WD Black series is 350GIG, 7200RPM. It’s amazing …

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What is a petabyte

I am a huge fan of Mozy ( They offer free and paid backup solutions online. I use their services on every computer I have. Recently they announced that they have over 15 petabytes worth of data. What is a petabyte you say? Well, it is a lot of data. Mozy has a fantastic article describing how much data that is. …

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