Month: February 2010

NBCUniversal/Comcast – Al Franken – Bandwidth Caps

Here is an interesting article from Mark Cuban. He is discussing the NBCUniversal/Comcast deal and Al Franken. I was reading my RSS feeds and came across this post from Mark. It got me thinking on 1. the future of media (cost) 2. how legislation could inadvertently change how and what media we get. It is worth the read.

Jailbroke again

So I decided to jailbreak my iphone again. This time I was taking a trip out west SteamBoat and wanted the ability to tether my phone and get internet access. I had previously purchased an iPhone app (iphonemodem) and had success. However, this time I decided to try a new app for tethering. Mywi ( What an amazing app. I was …

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