Month: July 2010

Road Bike

I have recently purchased a road bike. I have been looking for an alternative to running. Not that I don’t enjoy running but when you run 5 miles or greater after a while it gets repetitive. I attempted to use my mountain bike and do some miles on the road but it was not working too well. After some research I …

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Public WiFi is not SAFE. If this article is news to you, please take the time to learn how to be secure. If the idea of doing more work to be secure scares you then please take the time to do a few minor things. Understand that when using public wifi (anywhere you don’t know who’s wi-fi network you are using) do not do anything …

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DIY iPhone 4 bumper

If you are part of the group that is having reception issues with your new iPhone 4, here is a great DIY bumper. Instead of purchasing a $30 bumper, you can make one with a $1 Bracelet. What would be interesting is if you could find an Apple branded bracelet.

Microsoft “Kin”

The project known as “Kin” is now being killed inside microsoft. Engadget is running a post that explains what they believe is going on. The concept behind the Kin was to create a low price device that would allow people to stay connected to social media / cloud information. Essentially a blackberry to those not needing a blackberry. What I …

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