Month: October 2010

Evernote – WPF to C++

I have used Evernote for quite a while, I ran into this blog post from a re-tweet on twitter. It is a post from the EverNote team about re-writing their application in C++ from WPF I find this interesting that a development team is moving away from WFP. I am not surprised that there are WPF performance issues, however I …

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DVR hurting Football

I could not help but read this article. I am a TiVo user so this does not apply. However, for loyal comcast users this may be an eye opener. The team over at comcast created a feature called auto correction fast forward. It basically tries to interpret your clicks (fast forward or rewind) and put the screen where it thinks you …

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Christmas Gifts

Look out Christmas. Here is a new item I am purchasing for some friends (and myself). Medea Vodka – it has a 250 character LED banner on it that you can program.

IIS 7.5 Application Warm-up

Here is a great new feature for iis 7.5. A new Module called Application Warm-up. It allows you to specify a url to be launched after an iis-refresh or the application pool recycles. It basically launches the site prior to the first request hitting the server. This is great for a number of reasons. If you have an application that is …

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