Month: July 2011

MVC 3 Razor

I am really starting to like MVC 3 razor.   I’m continually reminded of old school ASP coding.  Even some situations where you wrote in <br> <hr> and other html tags into your business layer. In the current application I’m working on I’m calling a system call and returning it as a string vs an object.   The reason is that …

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MVC – Mini Profiler

I’ve been really happy with the nuget platform for adding packages to VisualStudio.  If you have not yet tried nuget head on over to  One of the more recent packages I’ve been using is the mini-profiler. It is a little plug-in (can’t think of another term) that allows you profile a page and elements that are executed. Here is the …

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Conpoto – Send a drink

If you are in the Grand Rapids area and have some friends you owe a cold beverage.  You should check out It is a local site for the Traverse City, Holland, or Grand Rapids area.   There are some great establishments setup to purchase a beer for your buddy.  Feel free to send me one. Founder or Hopcat will work.      

SMTP windows 7 developer

Vista and Windows 7 did not come with an SMTP server installed.   They removed this feature after smtp was found to be somewhat vulnerable on XP, and running on way too many developer PC’s.   I’ve been using papercut as a local smtp server when I am developing an application that has to send mail.  Papercut allows you to capture the …

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Windows Phone 7 Dev – Images and ApplicationBarIconButton

I have been working on a windows 7 phone application. I know, many of you may give me a hard time about developing for winphone7 vs iPhone or android. Well, I’m working on getting to each of them eventually. Currently Phone 7 made sense. So far development has been pretty straight forward. I was adding an application bar to the bottom …

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US Soccer (world cup)

The us women’s soccer team is doing great. Tonight they beat France to head to the world cup finals. It was a great match to watch 3-1. I love to see the US do well in soccer. The prior game against Brazil was just amazing. Being a player down and then going the full overtime and extended time to tie the …

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