Month: September 2011


I’m not a huge person on fashion but I do like watches.  I have always had a thing for a good watch.  The problem is how you define a good watch.  When I was younger it was the most features wins.  Stop watch, timer, multi time zones, etc…  Now I’m more focused on style and function.    For the last 3 …

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Items I would like to purchase

I currently have many things that I would love to acquire.    Some of these I consider great design and others I find as great tools. Seating: Eames Aluminum office chair – a great office chair that is comfortable and also good looking: Eames Lounge – I have  wanted this chair for years.  It would be a great addition to the …

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Stand up desk

For the last 2 months I have been standing up at work.  I’ve borrowed a rolling laptop cart to be my stand up desk.  You can see from the pictures that it is adjustable and also has a mouse tray to the side.   The stand I am using is an instand, deluxe with roller wheels. Using a standup desk has been a great learning …

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Android SDK Windows 7 (x64) – “invalid command-line parameter” Error

While starting to  write an android application I had to re-install the Android SDK on my new system.  When I did this and tried to execute the Emulator I go the following error: “invalid command-line parameter: Files. Hint: use ‘@foo’ to launch a virtual device named ‘foo’. please use -help for more information” After some google searches and some testing I …

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Re-Install windows phone 7 sdk

I just had to re-install windows phone 7 sdk.  I wanted the features for Mango 7.5.  However to get the install I had to uninstall the previous version (beta) I had. Now 3 reboots later  I’m ready to role.

Random Post of Links

I often find myself following a link from a twitter post or some other blog.  Not having the time to read it immediatly I either add it to Readitlater or I email myself.  I normally don’t add any comments just the link.   What often happens is a few weeks / days / months later I get to reading these links …

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Ebooks vs hard cover

I am on the verge of purchasing an ebook reader. I currently read most of my books on my iPad or iPhone. However I have found that in some cases this is not the most reliable readers. I find my iPhone great because it is always with me. However it is not good in the Sun or the beach (sand). The …

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Office Chair envy

I think it is time to get a new chair for my home office.  I recently saw this chair posted on a site and have the desire to get it.  The problem is that we don’t use our office that much and a good chair seems like a waste. Since we have all laptops in our home, I keep wondering …

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