Month: December 2011

Biking videos

I am amazed at some of the great videos I have seen recently of biking events and situations. This one is called 3 way street (tracking scary traffic). Watch the bikers weave in and out of traffic and the pedestrians. This video is from woodoocycles. They are just beautiful. I’m not sure how they ride, but wow. woodOOcycles from Prismafilms on …

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Listening to music while biking (part 2) – headphones and biking

Headphones while biking Since my last post I have been getting email and real life comments from people about using headphones while biking. So far my back of the napkin calculation is that it’s 60/40. 60% of those I talk to say it’s OK, and 40% are concerned. It is all over the map in regards why people are either for …

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The internet in 60 Seconds

There is a fantastic photo that shows all the statistics of what is happening on he web every 60 seconds. The article is title “Incredible Things That Happen Every 60 Seconds On The Internet” The internet is so vast that everyday people use it for so much. Imagine when you extrapolate that 60 seconds for the entire day. The youtube videos, …

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Apple App Store – iOS development

In the recent post on the app store comparisons from distimos It states that the apple app store is the place to be for your applications if you are looking to make some money. The report claims that apple’s store produced near 4 times the revenue than google’s app market. The report goes on to discuss the use of the …

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I have to say, I am jealous of these workspaces. I have been standing up at work for the last 6 months. I can’t say I would ever go back to sitting all day long. My standup setup is not great, but it works. The best workspaces of 2011 from lifehacker really puts my space to shame. Check it out here. …

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iPhone / iPad Icon Creator

If you have developed a mobile application you know the hassle it is to create icons. I have recently used the Quirco icon generator : Give it a try. A very easy way to generate a nice looking logo for an iOS device.

Mobile testing

I have been doing a lot of mobile development lately. One tool I have found to be irreplaceable is Mite ( What a great tool. Mite is a mobile web tester. It allows you to view multiple device views of your site. It also does performance evaluations, scripting, and testing. I can’t say enough good words. It allowed me to find …

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The best 404 error pages

I love to see a great 404 page when things go wrong.  The twitter fail whale has become a great example of how to make a statement  on an error or 404 page.   It has become an art of both design and communication when you do something like a 404 page. Here is a great list of interesting and great 404 …

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Top Developer Tools : Hanselman

Hanselman has published his most recent Ultimate Developer and power tools. I’ve been a follower of this list for a long. I realize that I have a lot of these tools. I found a few gems in here that I need to check out. (service down)

One of my favorite tools was out of commission today. It was showing a 503 error Service Unavailable. The builtwith blog mentioned that they were working on the issue. It looks like they are back and running now. I feel for the team, I’ve been there. It’s not fun. Their twitter post explained it: Another cool thing about …

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