Month: April 2012

Michigan Broadband

I have been evaluating my broadband connection at home lately.  I currently have a cable modem from Comcast.  I’ve been a cable modem user since @home.    There was  short period where I had  a $14 DSL line from yahoo but that did not last long.   We have recently had service issues in our area based on signal strength.  In doing some …

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61% of US households have wifi–How many are open networks?

I was reading flip board app this morning and ran across this article from techcrunch – A study shows that 61% of US households have wifi.   The US is lower on the list 8th behind the UK and places like Germany.  I thought that 61% is a pretty good number.   From a security perspective I wonder what percentage of those …

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Web Gui’s for management

It seems every device you purchase has a web admin page. The little linksys router you purchased, the NAS storage device, your Linux box, etc… The trend is to have any type of appliance have this type of management tool. These tools allow the managemnt of these devices to be done by almost anyone. The challenge is that many people take …

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