Secure Home Network for Kids – Safe Browsing

Secure Your Network for Kids I have 4 children and often have family over to our home.  At any given time there are around 30 plus devices on our network.  My wife and I have talked to our children about safe usage of the web but I am just as concerned of malicious websites and adware as I am of my …

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iPfire vs PFsense – Firewall Review

I have posted in the past about all the great things you can do with DDWRT or with PFsense.   After a few years with PFsense I have changed to iPfire.  If you have not heard of iPfire I would suggest reading about this awesome firewall platform.  The main focus of iPfire is for Security.  This is my simple review of the two systems …

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iPfire – ClamAV and Customization

I have been very happy with my current Firewall setup of iPfire (ipfire.org).  The system has done a great job of performance and security.  I use many features from Squid, Snort, openVpn, and others.  I even tried the TOR proxy routing. This weekend with lots of family over for Thanks Giving it was great to watch the proxy reports and see …

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