DIY iPhone 4 bumper

If you are part of the group that is having reception issues with your new iPhone 4, here is a great DIY bumper. http://www.engadget.com/2010/07/01/iphone-4-gets-a-1-alternative-to-pricey-bumpers/ Instead of purchasing a $30 bumper, you can make one with a $1 Bracelet. What would be interesting is if you could find an Apple branded bracelet.

iPhone 4 shipment

It looks like apple is shipping / delivering the iPhone 4 before June 24th. Maybe this is a good faith gesture for all the issues that surrounded the pre-order of the iPhone 4. No matter what the cause or the reason, this is great to see a company hit a deadline and also come in early.

WiFi or Cellular

It is amazing how reliant you get on internet access. Over the weekend a few things happened with our family and the need to communicate and send messages. I realized that I have become dependent on being able to either just pick up a phone or have some type of communication. Because of the location where we were the cell signal …

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iPhone 4 – Can you get it?

The keynote speech by Steve Jobs was great. I personally like the moment where the wifi was not working. Beyond that little issue the overall presentation was great. Especially the launch of the new iPhone. I can’t wait to get my hands on the new device. I don’t think of myself as a gadget geek, however I use the iPhone as …

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iPad Tips and more

I have read a lot of great posts on tips and tricks on the iPad. Here are a few that I use the most. 1. I love the feature of a soft reset (I use this on my iPhone a lot) You hold down Top button and the Home button (the only two real physical buttons) for a few seconds and …

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iPad Charging outlet (USB Power Outlet)

The folks over at fastmac.com are working to create the u-socket. It is a power outlet with two USB jacks in the plate. This is a great little product. So far it has had some delays. Head on over and check out the specs – http://fastmac.com/usocket. This little gem is available for order for $20.00. Sounds like it is not available …

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iPad and velcro

What a great idea, use the best tool in your tool box to make a device better. I keep velcro in my toolbox. I have a roll of it, sticky back velcro, and some that you would use as wall mounting. This video just shows how to use the tools you have (velcro) to make some thing better. It makes me …

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iPod and iPad holder

I’m always looking for a great stand for my iPhone or iPad. At work I use my phone as mechanism to communicate and also listen to music. At home I use my iPad to watch videos and show pictures. There are a lot of DIY or cheap stands you can make, but I wanted one that was inexpensive and would work …

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Steve Jobs on flash

I recently read the article from Steve regarding flash on Apples iPhone, iPod, and iPad devices. http://www.apple.com/hotnews/thoughts-on-flash/ I think he has some interesting comments. I really do like the idea that rollovers are dead or not needed. The idea that touch or some other input may be needed is a very good point. Have you ever tried to use a flash …

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iPad video – Rip your DVD’s

I am getting ready to head out on a trip and want to take some movies on the plane for the kids to watch on the iPad. I also plan on putting video on my phone and my wife’s iPhone. There are a ton of applications and tutorials on the web that would like you to purchase a 30 dollar tool …

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iPad security (port scan)

Continuing my security theme, I decided to see what the iPad looks like on a network. Can you ping it, what does nmap say about it, does OS detection work, are there any open ports? To test this I used both my iPhone (jimiz-phone) and iPad (jimizIP) connected to my wireless network. The first thing I did was lookup the MAC …

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iPad printing

There are a lot of articles about printing on the iPad or iPhone. I have not found too many great solutions. I was reading an article on the ipad today and wanted to print it out for reference. After trying a few apps I landed on using the HP iprint application. You are only able to print photos with this app, …

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