Windows 8

Windows 8 – And tablet

I’m a fan of windows 8. Since using it as my primary OS at home and on my development box I find it very stable, fast, and likable. It is interesting that when I’m on a Win7 box I find myself going to the upper right to search or hitting “win+q” to find an app. I spent some time this week …

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Windows 8 – App Store

Earlier this month I released two apps into the Windows 8 marketplace (Windows 8 app store). It has been a good experience and shows how Microsoft is doing a great job in creating a developer system to allow for apps. I’ve posted a few things regarding searching and certification in the Windows 8 Store. The windows 8 dashboard for the store …

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Windows Store App Launch

IP Address Info has launched to the windows store. You can read more here at the windows store site.

Privacy Policy for Windows Store Apps – Example

I recently submitted two apps to the windows Store. One was a WinJs app and the Other was a WinRT C# App. Both were rejected because of content compliance. The message that was posted to the dashboard: Your app doesn’t meet requirement 4.1. Notes from Testers: .C:: The app has declared access to network capabilities and no privacy statement was provided …

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Windows Store App – Submission

I have 2 apps submitted to the Windows Store. The first app I posted on 11/23/2011 and the second today 11/28. Both are currently in the “In Certification” stage. Unfortunately the initial app has been in the same state for 5 days. The issue as I have been informed was initially the verification of my identification by Symantec. Microsoft outsourced the …

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Windows Store App – Send Email

I have just submitted my first app to the Windows app store. I will send the link out once it gets approved. During the development process I had experimented with a lot of options for my applications. I finally decided to use an html / javascript app type. The choices in for the Windows Store Apps are C#/VB, C++, or HTML/Javascript. …

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Windows 8 Media Center – Remote Potato

I’ve blogged about recently upgrading to windows 8 on my media center. I now have everything running as it was. Including the best accessory to media center, Remote Potato. ( This application allows you to remotely view and control your media center. It can stream to a browser (silverlight) or through their mobile app. The team recently updated the app to …

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Windows 8 Media Center – Free till January

In my last post I walked through the install of windows 8 Media Center.  During the process I purchased the feature.  After looking at the news (google) it appears that Microsoft is offering the feature key for Windows 8 Media Center Pack for free. Head to this site to redeem your key: Enter in your email and they will send you …

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