Windows 8 – App Store

Earlier this month I released two apps into the Windows 8 marketplace (Windows 8 app store). It has been a good experience and shows how Microsoft is doing a great job in creating a developer system to allow for apps. I’ve posted a few things regarding searching and certification in the Windows 8 Store. The windows 8 dashboard for the store …

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Search Windows App Store with Browser

In most apps stores there is a way to search for apps or categories outside of the default tool. In the new windows app store you are limited to just using the built in search. Searching in the store can be done in two ways (there may be more) 1st Way is to just open charms “Win+Q” then type in the …

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Privacy Policy for Windows Store Apps – Example

I recently submitted two apps to the windows Store. One was a WinJs app and the Other was a WinRT C# App. Both were rejected because of content compliance. The message that was posted to the dashboard: Your app doesn’t meet requirement 4.1. Notes from Testers: .C:: The app has declared access to network capabilities and no privacy statement was provided …

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