Commuter Panniers

I have been biking into work for a while with a backpack. When I purchased my Raleigh commuter I also got a rack for the back. I had fully intended to get some panniers right away and see how they worked. It took me until July to get a set. I went to a few local bike shops looking for what …

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Bike Commuting Tools

I had a few setbacks on  commuting this week.  Over the weekend I let someone borrow my bike for a race here in GR.  During the race the chain broke.   Thankfully we were able to get them another bike in about 15 min.  I felt bad that the chain broke, especially since they were in the middle of a race. …

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Bike Commuting to Work

I have started biking into work again.  It has been enjoyable and an interesting adventure.   This time around I’m using my commuter, a converted mountain bike (Schwinn S9five6 – Purchased in 1995).    This is one of my favorite bikes, I’ve had a great amount of fun over the years with this bike.   In the last 5 years it …

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