Web Developer Checklist

I was reading some of my news feeds and came across this great site called   It is a creation of Sayed Ibrahim Hashimi and Mads Kristensen.   I often publish a site and run through a few tests.   Some I do religiously, but others I often forget.   The list they put together lets you pick and select what area to …

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Magento Debug and Modifications


I have been using Magento more frequently. One of the great benefits of this system is the ablity to customize the application and change it’s behavior. One of the downsides is because of the ability to customize the overall folder structure can be a bit challenging if you are not familiar with it. The structure is well laid out but is …

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Mobile Web Testing

I have been doing more mobile web sites recently. My preference has been to use responsive design that allows for any display size. The display size can range from Desktop, TV, tablet or phone. However, I have found it is important to know your target audience and also do testing. Not all browsers are understanding of the @media and HTML5 components. …

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GUID Generator

I had the need to generate a few GUID’s for a project recently. Because I typically use Visual Studio I had GuidGen available. It is a feature in Visual Studio from (TOOLS > Creat GUID) Because I often have the urge to simplify things, I quickly put together a Guid generator site. This page will generate any number of GUID’s for …

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IISreporter – new site

There is a new site over at Check out the new look and feel and leave some comments or suggestions. IISreporter is an application that shows you connections and information regarding IIS in real-time. It allows administrators to see how many people are currently connected to the server. It is available for free and can be downloaded at A …

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Compress vdi file (virtualbox)

I mainly develop inside of a virtual server / application. In the last year I have been using Virtualbox instead of Virtual PC. I have a base image that I use as a testing machine. It is a base Windows XP image. I recently discovered that I could save some disk space by using a few commands to shrink / compact …

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