IIS Server Headers – Clickjacking – X-Frame-Options

Configure IIS to use – X-Frame-Options I recently had a request to update a server to correct a few audit findings.  One finding was related to “clickjacking” (More info from Wikipedia and OWASP) Clickjacking is a process where a malicious link is injected on the page that takes you to what you would think is a normal page but is hijacking …

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builtwith.com (service down)

One of my favorite tools builtwith.com was out of commission today. It was showing a 503 error Service Unavailable. The builtwith blog mentioned that they were working on the issue. It looks like they are back and running now. I feel for the team, I’ve been there. It’s not fun. Their twitter post explained it: https://twitter.com/builtwith. Another cool thing about builtwith.com …

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IISreporter – new site

There is a new site over at iisreporter.com. Check out the new look and feel and leave some comments or suggestions. IISreporter is an application that shows you connections and information regarding IIS in real-time. It allows administrators to see how many people are currently connected to the server. It is available for free and can be downloaded at iisreporter.com/download A …

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