Setup of Developer Workstation (.net)

I recently updated my laptop configuration and did some spring cleaning.  It was time to re-install the tools and get the machine ready.  I do most of my development in Virtual Machines (virtualbox) but I typically have Visual Studio on my local machine for ease of use.  I realized that there are a lot of coponents you have to instll to …

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Free Icon set for Developers

I am frequently creating Visio diagrams to use for software development or web applications.  I typically use the built in elements and icons.  Recently I have found it difficult to find some items that I would like to have in my designs.    The great team and group over at OSA (www.opensecurityarchitecture.org) have many tools to both help with designs but …

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Windows Service : installer

I have not coded a windows service for a long time. The last time I touched a service I used the “installutil” from the framework to install it. I decided to make an IISreporter Service that would push your IIS stats out to a twitter site. In the process I figured it would work best as a service. Since I am …

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