Thinkpad x1 Touch

I am a ThinkPad junkie (proof 1, 2). I currently have 3 active thinkpads in our home. My primary laptop T410, My wife’s T410, and our home server (everything PC) t61p. Today I just purchased another thinkpad to add to the collection. I got a Thinkpad X1 Carbon Touch. This is the first touch laptop I have purchased. I have had …

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ThinkPad Turns 20: Thank you IBM

I read this article on the Verge this morning regarding ThinkPad turning 20. I was just amazed that it has been around that long. I remember the first ThinkPad I saw. It may have been one of the first laptops I had ever seen. It was this large black square (amazing). Over the years the ThinkPad has evolved, but it still …

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Developer Laptop

Dell has just launched a developer focused laptop.  The cool thing about this version is that it runs Ubuntu (linux) and is on a 13 inch laptop.    (check out the hardware here)  The article that I found regarding this was focused on the Sputnik project.   I think this is a great start.  I’m a fan of small portable computing and the …

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