VPN – Why you should use one

It is summer time and people are traveling for vacation.    Heading to hotels, campgrounds, parks, and friends.   If your like my family you have many devices you take with you; tablets, smart phones, laptops, and all kinds of wifi devices.     As people travel they see free public wifi for use.  Please understand that these networks are not …

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When is it illegal to listen. Mapping wifi?

When did listening become illegal?  After reading this article I got to thinking more about how the concept of wireless is flawed.   http://gigaom.com/2012/05/01/google-wi-fi-snooping-and-the-ever-shifting-creepy-line/ As a technology it uses public airwaves to send data.  This concept works great when the data is suppose to be freely available.  The success of this can be seen with radio and TV.    People are able to …

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WiFi or Cellular

It is amazing how reliant you get on internet access. Over the weekend a few things happened with our family and the need to communicate and send messages. I realized that I have become dependent on being able to either just pick up a phone or have some type of communication. Because of the location where we were the cell signal …

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