Blog Update


2020 Blog Refresh It is a new year and my blog needed some updates.  Not just small updates but some real technology love.    The theme was not complliant with the new version of WordPress, I had 4 plugins that were throwing exceptions (filling the log), 2 plugins that were no longer supported, the SSL for the site was no-longer working, …

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WordPress and CDN

Jimiz CloudFlare

High Traffic WordPress Sites A few websites that I maintain get a large volume of traffic.  They are using WordPress as a content management system.  To accommodate this traffic I have been utilizing a combination of a great service CDN and a caching plugin.    A “CDN” is a Content Delivery Network is a service that will store and forward  your items …

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Changing the WordPress folder

Recently moved WordPress from a sub-folder called “/blog” to the root of the site. Jimiz was recently set as jimiz.net/blog and it is now jimiz.net. I have been thinking of doing this for a year or so, just did not want to take the effort to modify all the links. I finally took the challenge and made the change. The site …

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Blogging Tool– Windows Live Writer

This new year I plan on blogging more.   For one reason, it is a good stress relief.   The other reasons revolve that I like to do it.     To make the process easier I plan on utilizing Windows live writer.  The reason for using live writer is the simple ease of use and great layout functions it allows.   I currently use WordPress …

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