AOL Standalone Browser

I do a lot of coding for web sites and web applications. One of the major issues we have is the way an app or site renders in a particular browser. For example, a site that uses tags will render entirely different in Firefox / Mozilla than in I.E. This often becomes a problem with usability. So when AOL announced their …

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Google Maps

Google just released their beta of google maps. It seems to me like the browser wars of years ago. Now instead we have MSN, Google, and Yahoo. Each seem to be trying to out do each other. MSN launching a new engine, google adding powerful services, and yahoo just seems to be ticking. This new map service from google is …

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The Code Room

I was channel surfing last night and ran across a show called “The Code Room“. It is a reality show about coding. Put on by MSDN TV. You can watch the full show on MSDN TV – HERE In this pilot show, 3 programers are locked in a room with one laptop and 3 partially charged batteries. They have to design, …

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Content Spam

I am really starting to get annoyed with content spam. Some bot’s decided to send spam through my blog. I decided to add an image fill for checking for real feedback. I am currently in testing, so please be patient if you are planning on sending some feedback.

The guys over at IIS-Resources have a link to the IIS reporter tool Link to download – Here If you have not taken the chance to visit please do, it is now the home of the nt control pannel project which is a cpannel like admin control pannel for hosting.

IIS Reporter Version 1.7 Release

Thank you to everyone for their great ideas and suggestions. I have cleaned up a few memory issues (performance) and also added a few monitoring features. I added a system tray icon and menu info for real time info Updated the system uptime clock – it was polling the sum and not the real info. I also updated the xml write …

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Stuck in a coding block

You have heard of writers block, well I have coding block. I am 90% completed with my next version of IISMonitor – a program what will provide real-time IIS information for multiple IIS web servers. It will consist of a webservice to be installed on each machine to be monitored, and then a central monitor server that will combine all information …

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Community Server RC1 released

I have been waiting for this release, or at lease the next version. The next version of .Text (a dot net weblog system), called community server from TelligentSystems is now available in Community Server RC1. You can read more about it here on the form – or you can download it from here Download away. I have been an …

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New MSN search

MS released the new msn search today. Including a quick and nice quote from Bill. Search away. I am still a huge fan of google. Google provides plenty of services , in particular if you have not tried Picasa photo organizer you do not know what you are missing. I can slice and dice your photos in so many ways, photo …

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Tax Time – Turbo Tax vs Tax Cut

It is tax time again. I am probably one of the strange ones out there. I like doing my taxes, well I like the challenge of it, not the idea behind it. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like giving my money to anyone. But, what tax time does for me is to see where and what I have going on. …

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Microsoft Active Directory user Export

Once again I had an eye opening experience on how much I really don’t know. I was working with a client and needed to export a list of users from active directory who were all part of an specific organizational group (OU). Now I have done some coding against the Active Drectory before with WMI / ADSI but in this case …

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Extending Disk Volumes with DiskPart

I just found out there is a very useful tool built into XP and Windows 2003, called diskpart.exe. This program will allow you to expand a windows disk volume to larger disks. I had the chance to use this recently to increase a server from three 36 gig drives to three 72 gig drives. This program allowed me to extend the …

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GotDotNet issues

I have had a lot of issues recently with updating source code on my GotDotNet workspace. Not only with source code but also up time. Recently I have received a few emails from people who have not been able to access the workspace, to either download the app or to get the source code. It is very frustrating when you are …

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SpyWare – – Part 2

I finally got this infected machine cleaned. My magic potion of software goodies ended up as: 1. Install firefox – this way the here4search would not take over every web page 2. Download – lavasoft ad aware (did not do too much) – somehow machine would reboot upon scan 3. Download – Microsoft’s Anti-Spy ware – this found and removed everything …

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