SpyWare –

A friend of mine had a serious computer issue today. His machine would not even boot to XP – he was getting the great “Please insert Original XP disk and select ‘r’ for repair”. Well since this machine runs his finance (web browsing for banking) and also his quicken, he needs this thing to work. After making an image of his …

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Log Parser 2.2

One of the most useful tools I have ever used just released an update. Microsoft Log Parser 2.2 is now out. Get it here – I have used this tool for many projects. To analyze server data for multiple sites and also for just straight traffic reports. There are many scripts you can write with this product. If you are …

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IIS Reporter Version 1.6 Release

I have rolled out another update to IIS Reporter. Version 1.6 is now the most current. I have added many features to both enhance the program and also ease the use. Below is a list of things added and removed, but before I get into the new features let me discuss one major change. I had to drop the (Connection Attempts/Sec) …

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Myth TV update

Well I have MythTv about 80% of where I would like it to be. I realized that I should swap the machine it was running on, to another box I had around the house. This did not go so well. KnoppMyth, the distrobution I chose for my mythtv did not support Dual processors. The machine I am going to be using …

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SSL Certificates

I was on the phone with a client the other day and was fielding some questions regarding SSL certificates. This particular client was looking to secure two web applications. Both were non public sites (email and a reporting tool). They were asking how to generate self siging certificates from Windows. I have to admit my personal experiences with self signing certs …

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Active X Coding and security

Here is a great article of a programmer (Brian Hook) who was testing Active X and how secure it is. I have to agree, I created an active X object a while back and found that there were some inconsistencies from what I thought it would do vs what it could do. He brings out a good point. The quantity …

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Speeding up my broadband

Today at and Slashdot, I read that Comcast is raising the broadband speed. From 3mbps to 4mbps. This is great news. As I start to do more with VOIP, and streaming media this will make things much easier to use. Read here Slashdot –


I have been finishing up on my install of mythtv. If you are not familure witht his you should read up here Myth Tv is a Tivo like os and system that is free. I have build an earlier version and had not used it for a while, due to a bad hard drive. So I got the sytem out, …

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What a Week

What a week, it was one crazy week. I have been doing a lot with IIS Reporter and plan on making a refined version. The current version does not have a remote server monitor, I do have a version that does allow for remote monitoring but have not implemented it into the code. This week I discovered how tuning an IIS …

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Google Mini

Today google launched their google mini search appliance. I am interested in getting ahold of one of these. The price of their current appliance is $32,000 a bit out of most companies price range. But the Mini is set at $5,000. That is very competitive with most software based products. You can read more at google: Google Mini link for IIS reporter

I received an email today showing that has just added IIS Reporter as one of their downloadable tools. That is great news. I often browse and try different applications that are listed on It is a great site and has lots of info for Microsoft’s IIS web server. Some other useful IIS links are :

IIS Reporter update

I made some updates to IIS Reporter today. 1. Removed bug with connections label 2. Took out about author area 3. Removed config files ( I decided that this should be a stand alone .exe file) I am also making the finishing touches on my IIS Reporter web app and webservice. The web service can be installed on any IIS server …

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Microsoft SpyWare Removal Tool

Here is a link to the new Microsoft Anti-Spyware Tool. So far it is currently in the beta stage. I have found that this is a fantastic tool. It has been more powerful than both Ad-Aware and Spybot Search and Replace