Well Adam Curry finaly released the castblaster beta. You can download it here ( One thing I noticed about this beta is that they are asking for $50 bucks for a license key. I’m not against purchasing software but, paying for a beta is a bit over the edge. I understand that castblaster may be worth it but I can’t possibly …

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Great Google Information

Here is a link to the google factory tour . They talk about a lot of the new services they will be offering and some that I have mentioned before. They have screen shots of the customized home page, RSS feed adds, and even some info on translation. I really do like google (I know I have said this before). Their …

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Content Spamming

Sorry to all, if you have been trying to add posts / comments to this site. I have had such an issue with content spammers, that I installed a captcha program for wordpress. Captcha is an acronym for “completely automated public Turing test to tell computers and humans apart”. It is that graphic you see on sites like Ticketmaster or below …

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Gmail Mobile

I have been a huge gmail fan since I got my first account. Now that gmail is up to 2 gigs of space how can you resist. I have been thinking of ways to utilize my gmail account other than an aggregator for thoughts, files, and other email accounts. I finally decided to try and use the system for email relaying. …

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Public Transportation

Follow up entry on my experience on riding public transportation. On my second day riding the bus I was up to speed on how to figure out the schedule, pay and get a ticket, how to inform the driver I want to get off, and where to sit. Even with all this knowledge the second day was still very interesting. I …

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US Soccer – Easter Sunday – ESPN2

Here is some more soccer info for those interested out there. The US National team plays on Easter Sunday (March 27th) agains Mexico. This should be a great game. ESPN2 is coverng the game at 1:00 PM Eastern. This is an important game, it is a qualfiying game for the 2006 World Cup. Mexico is still upset about the US beating …

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Upgrade to 1.5

Well I just upgraded the site to WordPress 1.5 ( Lots of nice new features. So far everything looks like it is working. We will have to see.

WordPress 1.5 is out

WordPress has released their new version 1.5. WordPress is the blog software I use to run It is a great application and my hat goes off to the developers. One thing I hope to get out of the upgrade (I will be upgrading this weekend) is to be able to control spam. I’ll keep everyone posted on the upgrade.

Picasa – The image application

I have been thinking of the best piece of software I have every used. It probably has boiled down to most recently Firefox and Picasa. Unless you have been living under a rock you probably know about firefox. So Let me tell you a bit about Picasa. Picasa was recently purchased by google (which I believe is the best application provider …

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