Opera Browser – Daily Driver for 3 years

Jimiz Opera Browser

I just realized I have been using Opera as my main browser for over 3 years.  Somehow in 2017, I decided that I should give Opera a try.  If you are not familiar with Opera, it is a browser similar to chrome or firefox. In fact, Opera is built on chromium the underlying components of the chrome browser.  Opera is by …

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Windows Media Center – Windows 8.1

I recently updated my basement and purchased a new TV.  In doing so, my projector and TV are both connected to my Windows Media Center.  I needed up update my older PC running windows media center since Comcast turned to digital.    Here is the setup and configurations I use to run a Windows Media Center that shows live tv and allows …

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Windows Mesh – Shutdown

Feb 13th 2013 is a sad day. Microsoft decided to turn off what I though was one of their best services. They are discontinuing Live Mesh. If you have not heard of Mesh, it was the precursor to SkyDrive. Mesh allowed you to sync and access remote files. It also included the one function that I really loved, Remote Desktop. When …

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I don’t often go out for Black Friday. I like the idea of deals, but do not like dealing with people. So this year my wife asked to get the nest ( – The learning thermostat. Lowe’s had the system on sale. So instead of heading to their store with thousands of other people. I got up in the morning and …

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RSS in Safari iOS 6

Apple released the new iOS6 in September. The new OS has some great features and new enhancements. The one item I am baffled about and have not read much about is the removal of native RSS viewing from Safari. This may not sound like much but prior to iOS6 on an iPad or iPhone you could go directly to an RSS …

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Wireless fun – MDK3 on ubuntu 12

I decided to have some fun with the wireless network this weekend.  I have a lot of neighbors and when you look at wireless you see a ton of SSID’s.  A nifty little program called MDK3 allows you to broadcast a lot of SSID’s.   I was watching one of the podcasts I follow and they mentioned the tool.  I decided to give …

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Unwanted Software and Toolbars – no Thank you

I hate toolbars on my browsers. I despise unwanted software, this is why I was very upset recently with a java update that was being installed on my wife’s computer. For some reason the most recent version of Oracle Java has added the McAfee Security Scan into it’s install. I am not sure if it was a java update or the …

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GUID Generator

I had the need to generate a few GUID’s for a project recently. Because I typically use Visual Studio I had GuidGen available. It is a feature in Visual Studio from (TOOLS > Creat GUID) Because I often have the urge to simplify things, I quickly put together a Guid generator site. This page will generate any number of GUID’s for …

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New Theme–Responsive Design–Part 2

I launched a new theme on the site 2 weeks ago.  I Mentioned at the time a new technology.  I have switched to a responsive design theme.   If you are not familiar with responsive design it is: (wiki pedia) Responsive Web Design (RWD) essentially indicates that a web site is crafted to use Cascading Style Sheets 3 media queries, an extension …

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Pocket (read it later)–re-brand

I’ve been using Read It Later for a while.  It is / was a great tool to save articles found on twitter / flipboard / web.. and Read them later.  Prior to using that tool I would just email myself the article if I found something interesting or wanted to spend some more time looking at the article.   The use of …

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The best 404 error pages

I love to see a great 404 page when things go wrong.  The twitter fail whale has become a great example of how to make a statement  on an error or 404 page.   It has become an art of both design and communication when you do something like a 404 page. Here is a great list of interesting and great 404 …

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Top Developer Tools : Hanselman

Hanselman has published his most recent Ultimate Developer and power tools. I’ve been a follower of this list for a long. I realize that I have a lot of these tools. I found a few gems in here that I need to check out. (service down)

One of my favorite tools was out of commission today. It was showing a 503 error Service Unavailable. The builtwith blog mentioned that they were working on the issue. It looks like they are back and running now. I feel for the team, I’ve been there. It’s not fun. Their twitter post explained it: Another cool thing about …

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iPad top applications – Traveling

I recently took a trip to Las Vegas for a conference. I took my ipad for both note taking and also to do work. It performed perfectly. I have to say that the majority of people at this conference had tablets and the clear winner in shear numbers was the iPad. To prepare for the trip I loaded a few magazines, …

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Desktop Cleanup

I’ve been cleaning up my work  area.  Not only my real desktop at work but also my computer desktop.  To help keep a cleanly system I decided to try Fences.   Nice little gem of an application.  Give it a try. It neatly organizes your icons or files on your desktop into specific areas.