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Ghost in the Wires–Kevin Mitnick

This has been a great book so far.  Not only is Kevin a very sociable person but he is a very entertaining writer.  His stories are amazing.  To think that he left some out. Watch is interview with Snubs on Hak5. “23 Questions with Kevin Mitnick”

Ebooks vs hard cover

I am on the verge of purchasing an ebook reader. I currently read most of my books on my iPad or iPhone. However I have found that in some cases this is not the most reliable readers. I find my iPhone great because it is always with me. However it is not good in the Sun or the beach (sand). The …

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Work Life Balance

I always think about work life balance. I’m what you would call a workaholic. I don’t go to extremes as the definition says, but I do enjoy to work and feel that it is something that is part of me. In my readings I came across this presentation by Nigel Marsh at TED Find a Balance Between Work and Life Through …

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Interesting real world offline hack

There was an interesting article on lifehacker regarding offline file shareing. Kind of like the old “sneaker net”. Where you would put files on a disk and walk the over to someone. The concept of this offline peer-to-peer is to place a flashdrive or similar item into a permanent fixture and people go to that location and either leave info or …

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Magazines and the “Shack”

I get 4 magazines. Linux Journal, Wired, Inc, and Money Magazine. I really enjoy each. Inc has so much information and ideas it makes me both excited and angry when I read it each month. Money always gives me ideas and motivation to keep saving and how to continue to invest. Wired Magazine is just to keep up with trends and …

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Getting Things Done – Currently Reading

I’m currently reading the book “Getting Things Done”. I have not posted much so I figure I can just update on what is going on.

Reading Carl Hiaasen

I am currently reading a Carl Hiaasen book called “Sick Puppy”. I was turned onto this author from a friend at work. He knew I like the Jimmy Buffett style books and recommend Carl. So far I have read 2 other books. “Skinny Dip” and “Strip Tease”. I really enjoy his style and writing. From what I can tell all of …

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Currently Reading – Odd Thomas

It is summer and I read a lot during this time of the year. I often slide between some technical book (currently reading extreme hacking) and fun books. The book I just finished was “Odd Thomas” by Dean Koontz. I have read a few of his books and they are always entertaining. YOu can find out more here Very good …

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Touching the Void

I am currently reading Touching the Void A great Book about 2 climbers facing danger and the great outdoors. It is Joe Simpson’s account of a near-death experience in the Peruvian Andes. I will update you on the status of this book later on.