SoapUI WCF – An error occurred when verifying security for the message.

I was using soapUI to debug a https wcf webservice and ran into an interesting error. An error occurred when verifying security for the message. I had to do a little digging to find out what this error was regarding. I ended up finding that the setting of WSS-Password Type had to be changed. It was set as blank, and needed …

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Mobile Detect Script

Mobile Detection

In the past year I have developed a few mobile websites. These normally consist of a specific mobile view (jquerymobile) or a responsive design. In the case of a specific mobile view, you need some type of mechanism to detect the type of browser that is viewing the site. Because of the ever increasing mobile browsers and devices this is a …

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Windows Store App Launch

IP Address Info has launched to the windows store. You can read more here at the windows store site.

Zip Tar Gzip on Linux

I often asked questions regarding Linux. Yesterday I was asked how to unzip a file. An individual new to Linux received a .zip file and was unable unzip it. They were using a terminal window. Zip / Unzip I believe that zip is common to most all distributions. It does not do the best job of compression but it works. To …

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Airport extreme export key – equivalent network password

Dear apple, please make any text in your applications available to be copied in windows. In particular the text from the “equivalent network password” section on your airport extreme wireless base station. If there is one thing I hate, it is not being able to copy text. The Control+C keyboard shortcut is my favorite. What upsets me is when I can’t …

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Mobile Web Testing

I have been doing more mobile web sites recently. My preference has been to use responsive design that allows for any display size. The display size can range from Desktop, TV, tablet or phone. However, I have found it is important to know your target audience and also do testing. Not all browsers are understanding of the @media and HTML5 components. …

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GUID Generator

I had the need to generate a few GUID’s for a project recently. Because I typically use Visual Studio I had GuidGen available. It is a feature in Visual Studio from (TOOLS > Creat GUID) Because I often have the urge to simplify things, I quickly put together a Guid generator site. This page will generate any number of GUID’s for …

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