Windows 8 – And tablet

I’m a fan of windows 8. Since using it as my primary OS at home and on my development box I find it very stable, fast, and likable. It is interesting that when I’m on a Win7 box I find myself going to the upper right to search or hitting “win+q” to find an app. I spent some time this week …

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Mobile Detect Script

Mobile Detection

In the past year I have developed a few mobile websites. These normally consist of a specific mobile view (jquerymobile) or a responsive design. In the case of a specific mobile view, you need some type of mechanism to detect the type of browser that is viewing the site. Because of the ever increasing mobile browsers and devices this is a …

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Changing the WordPress folder

Recently moved WordPress from a sub-folder called “/blog” to the root of the site. Jimiz was recently set as and it is now I have been thinking of doing this for a year or so, just did not want to take the effort to modify all the links. I finally took the challenge and made the change. The site …

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Windows Store App Launch

IP Address Info has launched to the windows store. You can read more here at the windows store site.

Zip Tar Gzip on Linux

I often asked questions regarding Linux. Yesterday I was asked how to unzip a file. An individual new to Linux received a .zip file and was unable unzip it. They were using a terminal window. Zip / Unzip I believe that zip is common to most all distributions. It does not do the best job of compression but it works. To …

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Windows Store App – Submission

I have 2 apps submitted to the Windows Store. The first app I posted on 11/23/2011 and the second today 11/28. Both are currently in the “In Certification” stage. Unfortunately the initial app has been in the same state for 5 days. The issue as I have been informed was initially the verification of my identification by Symantec. Microsoft outsourced the …

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Windows Store App – Send Email

I have just submitted my first app to the Windows app store. I will send the link out once it gets approved. During the development process I had experimented with a lot of options for my applications. I finally decided to use an html / javascript app type. The choices in for the Windows Store Apps are C#/VB, C++, or HTML/Javascript. …

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Windows 8 or Windows Store App Icons

If you are developing a windows store app (an app for windows 8) you may be in need of some icons. A great way to get some icons that are already available is to use the built-in Segoe UI Symbol font. This is what is referenced when you see the MSDN samples regarding the app bar. I did not have a …

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Magento Debug and Modifications


I have been using Magento more frequently. One of the great benefits of this system is the ablity to customize the application and change it’s behavior. One of the downsides is because of the ability to customize the overall folder structure can be a bit challenging if you are not familiar with it. The structure is well laid out but is …

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Magento – Google Analytics

Magento is a great opensource eCommerce package. If you have not heard of it, you should head to their site and check it out. In a recent project I was working through a transition from ASPdotnetstorefront over to Magento. During the process I wanted to move the Google Analytics over. With great supprise I found that it is built into the …

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Airport extreme export key – equivalent network password

Dear apple, please make any text in your applications available to be copied in windows. In particular the text from the “equivalent network password” section on your airport extreme wireless base station. If there is one thing I hate, it is not being able to copy text. The Control+C keyboard shortcut is my favorite. What upsets me is when I can’t …

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Mobile Web Testing

I have been doing more mobile web sites recently. My preference has been to use responsive design that allows for any display size. The display size can range from Desktop, TV, tablet or phone. However, I have found it is important to know your target audience and also do testing. Not all browsers are understanding of the @media and HTML5 components. …

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ThinkPad Turns 20: Thank you IBM

I read this article on the Verge this morning regarding ThinkPad turning 20. I was just amazed that it has been around that long. I remember the first ThinkPad I saw. It may have been one of the first laptops I had ever seen. It was this large black square (amazing). Over the years the ThinkPad has evolved, but it still …

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Mobile First – Responsive Design

I’ve got a lot of email lately and also people asking about responsive design. They are interested in what it is and why anyone would do it. The typical conversation revolves around the definition that response design allows you to target any type of display size (mobile, tablet, desktop ,etc). Once people hear that, they instantly go to one of two …

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