I have been finishing up on my install of mythtv. If you are not familure witht his you should read up here Myth Tv is a Tivo like os and system that is free. I have build an earlier version and had not used it for a while, due to a bad hard drive. So I got the sytem out, …

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What a Week

What a week, it was one crazy week. I have been doing a lot with IIS Reporter and plan on making a refined version. The current version does not have a remote server monitor, I do have a version that does allow for remote monitoring but have not implemented it into the code. This week I discovered how tuning an IIS …

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Google Mini

Today google launched their google mini search appliance. I am interested in getting ahold of one of these. The price of their current appliance is $32,000 a bit out of most companies price range. But the Mini is set at $5,000. That is very competitive with most software based products. You can read more at google: Google Mini link for IIS reporter

I received an email today showing that has just added IIS Reporter as one of their downloadable tools. That is great news. I often browse and try different applications that are listed on It is a great site and has lots of info for Microsoft’s IIS web server. Some other useful IIS links are :

Old Movies

I was watching AMC and had a thought. There are so many older movies that I enjoy watching that I have either forgot about, or not seen in ages. The particular movie that was on was Every Which way but Loose with Clint Eastwood. And I decided to make a list of movies that I enjoy and others that I would …

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Usenet Time Line

Google has a great time line of Usenet Notice the “rumor of mac” and “first mention of Microsoft”

Welcome to

I finally got around to updating my site. I decided to go with WordPress blog software as the backend application. As usual the site is running on a LAMP configuration – Linux / Apache / MySql / Php. Have fun and drop me a line.

Jim Becher on the Web

Welcome to the home of Jim becher on the web. This site is dedicated to Family, friends, career and fun. Topics like: Computers, Soccer, Games, Technology, projects I am working on. Feel free to drop me a line – [email protected]