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IIS 6 and .net 4 – 404 error

I just spent the last hour troubleshooting an issue with an upgrade. It had to do with upgrading a website to a new version using .net 4 on an iis 6 (server 2003) machine. I was consistently getting a 404 error when I switched to using the 4.0 framework I had reapplied 4.0 framework to iis using aspnet_regiis. Even created a …

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iPhone / iPad Icon Creator

If you have developed a mobile application you know the hassle it is to create icons. I have recently used the Quirco icon generator : www.quirco.com/iPhoneIcon Give it a try. A very easy way to generate a nice looking logo for an iOS device.

Passwords and usernames

I just updated my online accounts thanks to Gawker’s recent news regarding their user database being compromised.  I did have a gawker account, I’m a reader and subscriber to lifehacker.com. You can check to see if you need to change passwords by looking if your account was compromised here (http://www.slate.com/id/2277768) the widget looks up your email or username. At the time …

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IISreporter – new site

There is a new site over at iisreporter.com. Check out the new look and feel and leave some comments or suggestions. IISreporter is an application that shows you connections and information regarding IIS in real-time. It allows administrators to see how many people are currently connected to the server. It is available for free and can be downloaded at iisreporter.com/download A …

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IIS Reporter – New Version

I have been a little behind on my releases of iisreporter. I had a commander edition ready to go before some technical issues and source control issues slowed it down. Currently a alpha build is in works for a IIS7 version of iisreporter. I want to roll in the commander features into this release. What will those features be. 1. Multiple …

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IIS Reporter

Well I have many ideas on how to update and modify the IIS reporter application I have written. I have finally got VS2005 up and running on my machine and will try to migrate IIS reporter over to 2.0. I have a few releases I need to get up to the source server. I also have a web service version that …

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IIS Security Enhancements

There is a fantastic document over at Microsoft about the updated security features of IIS 6.0 vs IIS 5.0. It is a very good read and has some great information. You can find the document here (www.microsoft.com). I admin many IIS boxes at work and frequent many IIS user lists and sites to add information about security and hardening. This document …

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Migration to Sourceforge.net

I have finally completed the move from gotdotnet.com to sourceforge.net. You can get to the sourceforge page at this link: http://sourceforge.net/projects/iisreporter/ So far I have been really happy with the sourceforge location. I ended up udating my CVS to use sourceforge. I am currently using both SourceSafe and TortoiseCVS. Just to let you know how much I am enjoying sourceforge. I …

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IIS Reporter Version 1.7 Release

Thank you to everyone for their great ideas and suggestions. I have cleaned up a few memory issues (performance) and also added a few monitoring features. I added a system tray icon and menu info for real time info Updated the system uptime clock – it was polling the sum and not the real info. I also updated the xml write …

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IIS Reporter Version 1.6 Release

I have rolled out another update to IIS Reporter. Version 1.6 is now the most current. I have added many features to both enhance the program and also ease the use. Below is a list of things added and removed, but before I get into the new features let me discuss one major change. I had to drop the (Connection Attempts/Sec) …

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IIStoolshed.com link for IIS reporter

I received an email today showing that IIStoolshed.com has just added IIS Reporter as one of their downloadable tools. That is great news. I often browse and try different applications that are listed on iistoolshed.com. It is a great site and has lots of info for Microsoft’s IIS web server. Some other useful IIS links are : www.iisfaq.com www.iisanswers.com

IIS Reporter update

I made some updates to IIS Reporter today. 1. Removed bug with connections label 2. Took out about author area 3. Removed config files ( I decided that this should be a stand alone .exe file) I am also making the finishing touches on my IIS Reporter web app and webservice. The web service can be installed on any IIS server …

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