iPad VPN – OpenVPN – PFsense

I have been waiting for a while for a good openvpn client to be available for the iPad or iPhone with out JailBreaking. A few months back openvpn released an app for the iPad and iPhone. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/openvpn-connect/id590379981 Head on over and download if you are a pfsense user. I recommend anyone who is using public / unsecured wifi to use VPN. …

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Mobile Detect Script

Mobile Detection

In the past year I have developed a few mobile websites. These normally consist of a specific mobile view (jquerymobile) or a responsive design. In the case of a specific mobile view, you need some type of mechanism to detect the type of browser that is viewing the site. Because of the ever increasing mobile browsers and devices this is a …

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RSS in Safari iOS 6

Apple released the new iOS6 in September. The new OS has some great features and new enhancements. The one item I am baffled about and have not read much about is the removal of native RSS viewing from Safari. This may not sound like much but prior to iOS6 on an iPad or iPhone you could go directly to an RSS …

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Pocket (read it later)–re-brand

I’ve been using Read It Later for a while.  It is / was a great tool to save articles found on twitter / flipboard / web.. and Read them later.  Prior to using that tool I would just email myself the article if I found something interesting or wanted to spend some more time looking at the article.   The use of …

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Apple App Store – iOS development

In the recent post on the app store comparisons from distimos http://techcrunch.com/2011/12/20/distimos-year-end-report-shows-why-developers-love-ios-iphone-4x-android-revenue-ipad-2x/ It states that the apple app store is the place to be for your applications if you are looking to make some money. The report claims that apple’s store produced near 4 times the revenue than google’s app market. The report goes on to discuss the use of the …

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iPhone / iPad Icon Creator

If you have developed a mobile application you know the hassle it is to create icons. I have recently used the Quirco icon generator : www.quirco.com/iPhoneIcon Give it a try. A very easy way to generate a nice looking logo for an iOS device.

OneNote for iPad and iPhone

I am a fan of using my iPad for note taking. I noticed today that Microsoft Onenote is now available for the iPad and iPhone. Head on over to iTunes and download http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/onenote/id478105721?mt=8 After trying out the application is works great. However, it does not sync with my work OneNote. It syncs with your skydrive. I am going to have to …

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iPad Magazines : Zinio

I am a huge fan of the iPad, as you can see by my recent posts.  I find myself reading more and more on my iPad and iPhone.  One of the best things about the iPad is you can get magazine subscriptions using Zinio. I can’t say enough good words about the software.  I love to get a magazine quickly and …

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iPhone and iPad emulator for windows

I’ve been involved in some mobile application development and have had the need to test a site and application with many mobile devices. During this process I have found two good iOS emulators. http://www.electricplum.com/dlsim.html and http://code.google.com/p/ibbdemo2/ I just recently learned that the ibbdemo2 was replaced by the electric plum version above.   I found these to be great emulators and tools …

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iOS 5 upgrade – 8 hours

I decided to upgrade iTunes and also my iOS version to 5.   The install of iTunes version 10.5 took about 20 min to download and install.  The install of iOS 5 is taking a bit of time to install – 8 hours.  Eight hours, that is one heck of a long time. I did a quick speed test just to …

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Conpoto – Send a drink

If you are in the Grand Rapids area and have some friends you owe a cold beverage.  You should check out www.conpoto.com. It is a local site for the Traverse City, Holland, or Grand Rapids area.   There are some great establishments setup to purchase a beer for your buddy.  Feel free to send me one. Founder or Hopcat will work.