Windows Media Center – Windows 8.1

I recently updated my basement and purchased a new TV.  In doing so, my projector and TV are both connected to my Windows Media Center.  I needed up update my older PC running windows media center since Comcast turned to digital.    Here is the setup and configurations I use to run a Windows Media Center that shows live tv and allows …

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Suits and new Music

In the last few years I have found it hard to find new music. I don’t listen to much radio these days, in the Van it is WCSG 91.3 at all times (the kids love that). I my car I find that I listen to talk radio, either ESPN radio or something like Glenn Beck. So I often don’t hear new …

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Music–Suits TV Show

I’m a fan of the TV show Suits USA Network. SUITS.  It has a great concept of a lawyer show.  It is not like the Ally McBeal show of the past.    It has drama, some acting, and a little suspense.    One interesting part that I have found interesting is the music in the show.  I’ve found a few spotify playlists for …

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Art Prize 2011 – video tour

Here is a great video tour of Artprize 2011 from people in the crowd. What a great video. The Art of Inspiration from Bill Bergen on Vimeo.

Convert any Video Quickly to iPad

Here is a great application to help quickly convert any video to another format ipad / iphone. This simple application makes converting video easy enough my mother could do it. You drag a video into the main window and then start the video transformation process. I love that you visually select the type of destination for you video. So head …

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Summer Concerts

I went to see Willie Nelson last week.  My wife got me tickets for my BirthDay.  It was sweet.  He really can rock.  Even at 70 something he was fantastic.  He had his sons playing in the band, and the opening act Harmonic Tribe also had his son in it. Young Nelson (Luke) was pretty good on the lead guitar.  But …

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Music – Shooter Jennings

I have found the next album I am going to purchase. I am not sure if Itunes carry’s his label. But Shooter Jennings ( has his first record out. The son of the late great Waylon Jennings and Jesse Colter. Shooter has a sound that is a mix between Rock and Roll and that fantastic Country Rock that I like. I …

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Music – George Thorogood

Well I finally purchased a CD. I have not bought a cd for a few months. In fact I can’t even remember when the last time I purchased a CD. It must have been over a year. Now spinning in my car, other than my Ipaq is George Thorogood :Greatest Hits – 30 Years of Rock. You can view info here …

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